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Patient information

Name:Dimitrios Papageorgiou

Age:13, Sex:male, Diagnosed:7/9/2010 ,Passed away:19/3/2012 Location:Athens,Greece


Diagnosis:DSRCT,abdominal tumors, the largest one 9x9x8,2 between bladder and rectum,enlarged lymph nodes,no distant metastasis, solid organs ok


Hospitals:Agia Sophia,Athens. University klinikum Heidelberg, Germany


Status:no evidence of desease December 2010 Relapse:11/21/2011

Treatment Chemotherapy: EWS96 protocol, consisting of 9 courses, drugs: cyclofosfamide,andriamycin,. actinomycin, vincristine, mesna Maintenance:trofosfamide,idarubicin,etoposide. o-tie Topotecan,etoposide and Valproate acid


Surgeries:1.cytoreductive plus HIPEC with mitomycin D and Cisplatin. All visible tumors removed, as well spleen, lymph nodes, peritoneum, halph of the right diaphragm,a part of intestine, ileostomia and etc.12hours


2.Reparatory surgery 4 hours : ileostomia fixed, biopsies negative

3.Surgery 6 hour, to remove the local reccurencere (relapse)

All surgeries done in Germany


Radiation:IMRT 20 sessions of total abdominal radiation, Germany

Time line

9/7/2010:biopsies, DSRCT, Hickman

9/15/2010:chemotherapy, vincristine, cyclofosfamide, doxorubicin,mesna 1


10/28/2010:ct, good response



12/20/2010:cytoreductive surgery plus HIPEC with mitomycin D and cisplatin,everything was stripped out,ileostomia,

12/30/2010:released from hospital

1/19/2011:abdominal ultrasound, clear



2/28/2011:ct scan, no evidence of desease

3/8/2011:surgery, ileostomia was fixed, abdominal biopsies were taken

3/14/2011: biopsies negative

3/28/2011:ct scan, no evidence of desease

3/30/2011: chemotherapy

4/26/2011: chemotherapy

5/18/2011: chemotherapy

6/10/2011: chemotherapy

6/30/2011: ct scan, no evidence of desease

7/1/2011: surgery Hickman removed

7/2/2011: o-tie chemotherapy, trofosfamide and idarubicin

8/6/2011: chemotherapy, trofosfamide and etoposide

9/29/2011:chemotherapy, trofosfamide and idarubicin



11/21/2011:ct scan,relapse, three lymph nodes enlarged, thorax ct ok

12/6/2011:surgery, removed three retroperitoneal very small tumors and lymph nodes, biopsies were taken from the abdominal cavity

12/15/2011:biopsies negative, lymph nodes were not infiltrated

1/3/2012: IMRT 20 sessions total abdominal 2/2/2012: radiation finished

2/14/2012:abdominal ct scan clear, but thorax ct revealed large mediastinal tumor, fungal infection and enlarged lymph nodes,head ct scan showed multiple lumps in the hairy skin of the head

2/17/2012: chemotherapy, vincristine and temodar

3/6/2012: chemotherapy, topotecane and etoposide

3/15/2012: breathing problems and chest pain

3/19/2012: passed away WIkia DSRCT DSRCT